Wednesday, June 22, 2011

finding myself tangled in so many places this, illness, birthday's, father's day and of summer collection. lots of thoughts to blog about but no mental space to articulate it all.

so excited for my summer collection's opportunities to try new materials and forms...ring and bracelet sized pieces (with miniature tags:), oak gall ink for signatures, compostable paper ribbons for tagging and 100% recycled content paper with flower bits. so many layers of love...sweatering, hand sewing, handdyeing, knitting and pom poms aplenty. cast away yarn shop in santa rosa ca got a summer solstice delivery yesterday. the rest will be off to the ark before the end of the month.

next up 3 more tiny doll crowns and a fluffy skirt with pom pom trim. will try to post the results of these and other explorations this summer.

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