Thursday, April 7, 2011

a very spare spring collection this year but just enough.... for all their layers of seen and unseen love and attention. 25 pieces are finding their way to new venues this season.

4 went to etsy with more to be added soon!

9 went to a lovely, local yarn store called cast away. the local place that inspires me:)

the layers of hand crafted details seemed so relevant i took a deep breath and asked the owner if she would be interested in carrying my work. i was overjoyed when she said yes: ) it is a wonder after 10 years and 1000's of pieces i still feel so insecure about my work in the audiance of others outside of my world. creativity is such a vulnerable place in me, a direct link to the world in my heart.

and 3 spring pieces+ some other requests of past collections are going to a a delightful mommy in sacramento who's emailed compliments have been more than a bit of pep rally and encouragement to my imagination and handwork. i am so very grateful!


  1. what a joy it is to finally be wearing one of your creations! i have been admiring your crowns for what seems like forever and today i could resist no longer. i am a grown mama but have never (won't ever) give up playing dress up. your creations speak to my heart, thank you for your beauty!

  2. your comment and support is loving fuel for my heartfelt inspirations, thank you so much for taking the time for your beautiful words and for adding one of my crowns to your world :) happy me!