Friday, May 28, 2010

another inspiring, creative side trip to "castle in the air" in berkeley for a vintage, spring song bird class. i was curious about the creation of birds out of cotton batting and feet of wire. another instance of using someone elses "how toos" and materials i have not yet worked with, such a nice break for my brain. and i got to use lots of glue : ) something i don't let myself use much of for my seasonal collections. pam byars, the previous owner of the ark, once said to me, "anything that is glued on falls off". i took this to heart and as a result i sew or wire most everything and use glue sparingly... like gluing the tiny knots from hand sewing so they don't come untied.

the song bird class was very good and just may help me formulate feet and legs for my seasonal numbered flocks of needle felted birds.

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